We have extensive experience of assisting clients on housing and property matters.


Are you an employer or employee with an employment matter which needs to be resolved?  We are able to assist.


We can assist you to prepare a tribunal claim.  We can also provide advocacy at tribunal hearings (residential property tribunal and/or employment tribunal)


Our advisors have over 15 years of providing solutions for clients. The principal is fully legally qualified with specialist knowledge of housing and property law.  He also has completed a masters in property finance.

You may require advice and assistance regarding leasehold matters, service charge matters, planning law matters, boundary disputes matters, commercial property matters (we do not conduct conveyancing matters). We are also specialists in mortgage and rental possession matters, landlord and tenant matters & disrepair matters.

We can help where clients are looking at the possibility of direct property investment as well as the financing of property projects. Another property investment option is collective property investments (REITs, insurance property funds etc).  We are also open to collaborate on property deals imputing financial and legal expertise into the project.




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